Matope means mud in TshiVenda.

Matope is a fundamental building material.
It’s honest.
It knows its beginnings.   

In abundance.  

Matope People

Matope is also the team who create the physical face of Umuzi.

Designers tasked to represent Umuzi. To create a space that is unique to who we are while showing the world what’s to come.

Over the last year, Umuzi has been growing rapidly in our goal to give young south africans access to high value jobs.  With this growth has come the need to physically expand our studio space to meet our current requirements, as well as prepare for imminent future growth.  

We have learnt over the time we have been in our current space in Jeppestown, the value that an exciting work space adds to our community. In conceptualizing expanding into our new space, we desire a way to push the limits on the space’s ability to engage our community, as well as the community around us. In doing this we feel there are two key areas of opportunity- within the process of creating the space and with innovations of the space itself.

The task stated

How might we make a creative, collaborative space which will improve the quality of the Umuzi recruit’s experience?
How might we enable and grow local skills and talents in  the process of designing and developing a high quality learning environment?

The umuzi space expansion will become a test laboratory in which we can explore these question through prototyping and iteration.  In this manner, the space and the process become a manifestation of the philosophies that are 4ht and practiced at umuzi.

The Philosophy

The philosophy Umuzi practices is to be Human Centered and Agile.  In short, Human Centered Design is a process where one considers the end user as the primary subject to which the design decisions made should add value.  Agile is a process where assumptions eliminated by rapid testing and interating based on user feedback.  

Using these philosophies-  together with our ‘how might we’ objectives- form the cornerstone of the design and development process of the Umuzi space that is to follow.