Human Centered Design

The philosophy   that got us from being a small family to a big commnity.

After refuelling our energy reserves on a well-deserved lunch, our friend Erin Rapacki, who is visiting from San Francisco, took us through some of the thinking behind why HCD is relevant in today’s world. Erin shared some wonderful examples of what bad design looks like, which helped our recruits identify with the importance of user testing and empathising on user needs.

Upon completion of the previous round of Make Umuzi Better, we conducted a retrospective session to understand which areas of the experience we could improve, as well as which areas required more emphasis from a training and understanding perspective. Empathy was at the top of our list. While we understand and appreciate that one cannot simply snap their fingers and hope to achieve instant empathy, we are also aware that without a better understanding of what empathy is, we cannot possibly become better at solving everyday human needs.

As such, we rounded off our second day with an afternoon of activities dedicated to educating ourselves on the topic of empathy. We split up our teams across three main activity stations that tackled empathy using different approaches. Our C12 recruits shared different perspectives on how the various activities had affected their personal understanding of empathy and even sparked some very topical debates within the broader group. Have we become more empathetic? … let’s see how the next few days unfold as our recruits start to grapple with their design challenges.